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APPX 5.5.1 Available
APPX 5.5.1 is now available for download from..

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APPX 5.5.0 Available
APPX 5.5.0 is now available for download from..

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APPX 5.4.7 Available
APPX 5.4.7 is available for download from..

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APPX 6.0.0 Available
APPX 6.0.0 is available for download from..

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APPX 5.4.6 Available
APPX 5.4.6 is available for download from..

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APPX 5.4.5 Available
APPX 5.4.5 is available for download from..

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APPX 5.4.4c Available
APPX 5.4.4c is available for download from..

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APPX 5.4.4 Available
APPX 5.4.4 is available for download from..

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APPX 5.4.3 Available
APPX 5.4.3 is available for download from..

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Amsterdam 2015 Conference Presentations available
We received some good feedback from the..

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CWI Announces Amsterdam Appx Training/Conference
We are pleased to announce an Appx Training..

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CWI Announces Appx Training
We are pleased to announce an Appx Training..

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Appx Software Announces New Price List Effective May 1, 2014
ASI has a price list effective May 1, 2014 ..

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Reconnect with Appx - Conference April 7-11
ASI has announced an upcoming conference April 7-11 in Atlanta...

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End of Support for 4.2.x Approaching
Due to the difficulty in supporting old releases and ...

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Amsterdam Presentations and Pictures Available!
We received some good feedback from the customers...

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Amsterdam Conference Registration Open!
Registration is now open for our Amsterdam Conference...

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Panama Conference A Success!
The Appx Conference held in Panama Feb 20-22 was well received...

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Panama Conference Registration Open!
Registration is now open for our Panama Conference...

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Appx Conferences in 2013!
Following the recent release of APPX 5.2, CWI is pleased to announce....

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Appx 5.2 Available
ASI has announced the availability of APPX release 5.2....

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Supported Releases
Release 5.1 of Appx is well on the way and ....

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APPX Conference Update
The Conference and Training session is over now....

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APPX 20th Birthday Celebration and Conference
ASI is pleased to announce the APPX 20th Birthday Celebration....

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Panama Conference in 2011
The Appx Release 5 Training and Conference was well attended...

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ASI Launches new Beta Progam
Appx Software, Inc has launched a new beta program ...

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Appx 5.0 Released!
The long awaited Release 5 of Appx is available ...

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Appx 5.0 Beta for Windows is Ready!
The Windows version of Appx Release 5.0 Beta is ready...

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Appx 5.0 Linux Beta is Ready!
Appx Release 5.0 Beta is ready. This Release includes ...

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Caylx Retires from Distribution
Following 33 years of working with the SPEED I, SPEED II and APPX...

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Appx Blog
Appx Blog Online
ASI has started a blog! This is an excellent way...

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Appx Conference 2007
We're pleased to report that our first European APPX Conference proved to be...

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Appx Conference 2007
Still haven't decided if the Appx Conference is for you? First of all, it's a great way...

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CWI Hosts European Conference
For some years now, ASI has been hosting tremendously successful APPX conferences in the USA...

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4.2.a Patch
ASI announces the APPX 4.2.a Patch Release is now available for download ...

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New Registration Format
ASI provides a new format for emailed APPX registrations. Registrations are now being sent as text file attachments to...

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Conference Results
Another conference is over, and once again it provided an excellent opportunity to network, learn and socialize with VARs and customers from around the world...

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Appx Conference
You are cordially invited to join your APPX colleagues and friends at the newest "episode" of the bi-annual conference, called "APPX EX-ZOO-BERATION 2006"!...

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Minicom Joins CWI
CWI is delighted to welcome Minicom Software House Ltda, located in Brazil, to its reseller network!

For over 25 years, Minicom's team of consultants has been involved in the development and...

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Sadden Joins CWI
Sadeen Computerized Systems is an integrated solutions provider which has been offering management control software, security systems and access control software to SMEs for a number of years. Now, however...

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CWI is pleased to welcome SWS Software Service in Austria to its reseller network! SWS has been a very successful SPEED II reseller since 1983 and has been working with APPX since...

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Sintec Joins CWI
CWI is pleased to welcome Sintec, S.A. de C.V. from Mexico to its reseller network!

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Appx Goes on the Road!

For some years now, ASI has been hosting tremendously successful APPX conferences in the USA. However, we realise that the cost and time involved in travelling to the USA has prevented many of our international resellers and customers from attending those conferences. Having previously hosted a conference in Latin America, we are now taking APPX on the road again and are delighted to announce that CWI will be hosting its first European APPX Conference later this year.

To answer all the questions that our resellers have been asking since we first mentioned the possibility of a European conference, the details are as follows:

When will it be held?
15 & 16 November, 2007.

The venue?
NH Hotel Amsterdam Centre, Stadhouderskade 7, 1054ES Amsterdam

Who's invited?
All APPX distributors, resellers and customers worldwide are welcome to attend.

Will CWI be offering any training?
Yes! We are offering 3 days of specialised training prior to the conference. Click here for full details.

Can we expect to see a representative from ASI at the conference?
Steve Frizzell, President of ASI, has very kindly agreed to be our guest speaker.

Will we be able to find out about the proposed content for future releases of APPX?
We anticipate that APPX 4.3 will have been released before November but, for those resellers and customers who haven't had a chance to review that release in any great detail by then, we will be presenting a 4.3 overview session on Thursday morning followed by a 4.4 overview by Steve Frizzell.

I'm not an APPX programmer - will there be anything of interest to me?
We will, of course, endeavour to cater for both nontechnical and technical attendees. To that end, Thursday afternoon will be broken into two 'tracks' - a technical track for programmers/system administrators and an end-user track. The programmer track will cover topics such as connecting to ODBC databases and performance tuning, using the new Appxdsvc/uappxd, strategies for migrating to GUI and Language Translation. The user track will cover topics such as self-service support, using the SQL report writer, ODBC/Excel and using Disposition Defaults.

I have developed a great application/suite of applications that I'd like to showcase to other resellers as well as customers - will I have an opportunity to do that?
Friday morning's first session will comprise reseller and customer presentations. A number of our resellers and their customers have already expressed an interest in presenting their applications but there are still some slots available for more speakers. If you would like the chance to show off your APPX applications, please email conf2007@cwi-appx.com with details. The only requirements are that the presentations be in English and be made available to us in electronic format after the conference so that we can make them available for download. In order for us to organise the time appropriately, the deadline for submission of presentation requests is 28 September.

Since this will be the first time for years that international resellers have been together, will CWI be hosting a reseller-only meeting?
On Friday afternoon we will hold a brief 'CWI Reseller only' meeting. It's not often we have so many of our resellers in one place, so this is a great opportunity to get together and discuss any issues you may have. We also plan to launch our new Reseller Portal which should help reduce the paperwork load and simplify sales and transaction reporting.

Are you organising any social activities?
We will be hosting two specific events: a) a welcome reception in the NH Hotel on the evening of Wednesday 14 November and b) a canal boat dinner cruise on the evening of Thursday 15 November. The conference agenda is, of course, subject to change. The latest information will always be available here.

Sounds Great! How can I register for the Conference and/or Training?
If you are an Appx customer located outside of Canada and the U.S. then contact your Appx Reseller. If they are unable to help you, contact us directly at conf2007@cwi-appx.com

If you are a Reseller or customer in Canada or the U.S., then click here for the registration form. Complete the form and send it to conf2007@cwi-appx.com. Hotel reservations must be made directly with the hotel using this form

We look forward to seeing you all in Amsterdam!

2020/08 - APPX 5.5.1 Available

2020/04 - APPX 5.5.0 Available

2019/01 - APPX 5.4.7 Available

2018/04 - APPX 6.0.0 Available

2017/11 - APPX 5.4.6 Available

2016/11 - APPX 5.4.5 Available

2016/06 - APPX 5.4.4c Available

2016/05 - APPX 5.4.4 Available

2015/12 - APPX 5.4.3 Available

2015/06 - Amsterdam 2015 Conference Presentations available

2015/03 - CWI Announces Appx Training & Conference in Amsterdam

2014/12 - CWI Announces Appx Training in Panama

2014/03 - Appx Software Announces New Price List Effective May 1, 2014

2014/02 - Reconnect with Appx Software - Conference

2013/08 - End of Support for 4.2.x Approaching

2013/05 - Amsterdam Conference Presentations and Pictures available!

2013/03 - Amsterdam Conference Registration Open!

2013/02 - Panama Conference A Success!

2012/12 - Panama Conference Registration Open!

2012/12 - Appx Conferences 2013!

2012/11 - Appx 5.2 Available

2012/03 - Supported Releases

2011/10 - APPX Conference Update

2011/06 - APPX 20th Birthday Celebration and Conference

2010/12 - Panama Conference in 2011

2010/07 - ASI Launches new Beta Program

2010/01 - Appx Release 5.0 is Ready

2009/02 - Appx Release 5.0 Beta for Windows is Ready

2008/11 - Appx Release 5.0 Beta is Ready

2008/06 - Caylx Retires from Appx Software Distribution

2008/04 - Appx Blog Online

2007/12 - Appx Conference 2007

2007/08 - Appx Conference 2007 - Haven't Decided Yet?

2007/06 - Appx Goes on the Road

2007/01 - Release 4.2.a Available for Download

2006/08 - New Email Format for Registrations

2006/05 - Another Successful Conference!

2006/02 - 2006 Florida Confrence May 3-5

2005/07 - Minicom Joins CWI!

2005/03 - Sadeen Joins CWI!

2005/01 - SWS Joins CWI!

2004/12 - Sintec Joins CWI!

2004/11 - CWI APPX Conference & Training Session

2004/10 - CWI Exhibits at LinuxWorld UK 2004

2004/09 - CWI Welcomes New VAR

2004/05 - APPX Conference 2004

2004/04 - 4.2.4 Released

2004/02 - "Sun, Sand, & Software"

2003/03 - VAR Conference/SPEED II Promo

2002/09 - Release 4.1.a/Windows Pricing

2002/05 - APPX Conference/Free APPX for Linux

2002/01 - Online Manuals/Release 4.1.6

2001/07 - Training/APPX Conference

2001/05 - APPX at IOUG

2001/03 - VAR Online Released

2000/10 - VAR Conference/Release 4.1

2000/08 - Training Schedules/Release 4.1 Previews

2000/07 - Welcome Message

For additional information, contact tips@cwi-appx.com

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